How To Use The Squarespace Announcement Bar To Promote Your Special Offers


We’ve spoken many times on this blog about the importance of having an irresistible new client offer AND making that offer impossible to miss for someone visiting your website for the first time. Today, we’ll look at one easy way to design this right into your website, through the use of an announcement bar.

An announcement bar is a bar that sits right at the top of your website, appears on every page and is clickable — acting as an ever-present call-to-action directing visitors to that special something you really want them to see. You can use it as a clear path to your new client special landing page, or change it regularly to showcase your monthly promotions. You can also use it to announce any new workshops, freebies or even studio news (for example, if you’re closing down for Christmas and want to announce when you’re going to be open again)

Many people rely solely on pop-ups and sidebars on their websites to promote special offers. However, some people find these irritating and distracting and if not done well, they can actually detract from the customer journey. Announcement bars can be a less intrusive way to promote your offers, while still keeping them at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

Ideas and tips for using announcement bars

  • Make the bar permanent by removing the option to “x” out of it, IF you’re using it as a shortcut to a regular booking or purchasing function. Click here for the code to do that.

  • Use it to promote your Intro offer, new workshop or monthly special

  • Change the color of the bar each time the offer changes. This will cue regular visitors that there’s something new to take notice of

How to create a Squarespace Announcement Bar

In Squarespace, you can find this feature in MARKETING —> Announcement Bar. Once enabled, you can then use the Style Editor to customize the colors and fonts to fit your branding.

Check out the video below to learn how to set up the Squarespace announcement bar to promote your new client offer:


While announcement bars are an excellent way to get website visitors to engage with your studio, they don’t have to completely replace promotional pop-ups. The key is to use bars and pop-ups at different times and places to ensure you’re still attracting attention instead of irritating your website visitors. It’s small things like this that can turn your website into a digital marketing machine.

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- Connie