This Is The Best Squarespace Template For Fitness And Yoga Studios

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If we’ve ever discussed websites for more than 2 minutes, you’ll know I’m all about Squarespace. I think it’s hands down the best platform for fitness and wellness studios to create their digital home. “What’s so great about Squarespace?” you say. “Do you have shares in the company or something?” No I don’t — but I probably should, because I’ve recommended it to so many business owners! What I love about it is how user friendly it is, and that it takes a lot of pressure off small business owners to constantly keep on top of their website plugins and security. They also have a free, 14 day trial where you can play around with the interface without having to put in your credit card details. That way, you can see if it’s going to be right for you without committing to anything.

However, one of the first choices you do need to make when using Squarespace is what template you’re going to start with. Although you can change your template at any time, there are SO many beautiful layouts to choose from that it can be kind of overwhelming. So, where to begin?

The Best Squarespace Templates For Fitness Studios

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TIP: you can type ‘brine family’ into the search bar in the Squarespace template store to filter out all others and see these options side-by-side

If you ask me, there’s really only one choice for a Squarespace template in 2018 and that’s something in the Brine family. Before I give you a list of those templates, let me first explain what a template family is. Although there are lots of options in the Squarespace template shop, there are really only a handful of underlying structures they are built on. Squarespace has simply given you different styling starting points with colors, fonts and demo content. Hard to believe, right? This just goes to show how flexible these templates are!

The Brine family consists of the following templates:

Aria, Basil, Blend, Brine, Burke, Cacao, Clay, Ethan, Fairfield, Feed, Foster, Greenwich, Hatch, Heights, Hunter, Hyde, Impact, Jaunt, Juke, Keene, Kin, Maple, Margot, Marta, Mentor, Mercer, Miller, Mojave, Moksha, Motto, Nueva, Pedro, Polaris, Pursuit, Rally, Rover, Royce, Sofia, Sonny, Sonora, Stella, Thorne, Vow, Wav, West

Choosing any of those will set you up with the most modern, flexible and customizable template available today. Brine family templates are also designed with SEO in mind and give you full control of editing page titles, adding unique meta descriptions and more—an important factor that not all templates have! Below, you can see some examples of projects where I’ve used Squarespace templates in the Brine family.

How To Choose The Right Squarespace Template For Your Brand

So, how to choose the right one? Don’t stress too much about it — just pick the one from the list above that best matches your overall vision for your website and brand. You can change everything to customize your brand...the images, colors, fonts and more. But choosing one that will at least get you going in the right direction will save you loads of time making adjustments. Still stuck browsing all the beautiful options? I find Heights and Stella to be a good starting point for an energetic fitness brand and Moksha or Sonora are good matches for softer wellness businesses.

Templates NOT to choose

Although they’re a  fan favorite and were very popular several years ago, the Bedford family of templates (including Hayden, Bryant, Anya) will limit your SEO efforts. These templates rely on dual-purpose fields that are used for both SEO meta descriptions and the design of the website. This is no good if you’re trying to optimize your business for search (here’s a reminder of why you should!)

The Montauk family (including Om, Julia and Kent) and the Five template  also run into the same SEO issues as Bedford if you plan to display text over banner images. So, avoid these as too if SEO is an important marketing strategy for your business!

(note: in both these cases, there’s a workaround that involves code, so all hope is not lost if you are already using one of these templates, but for someone starting out, save yourself the headache and avoid them.)

So, you’ve picked your perfect theme from the Brine family. What next? Grab my FREE FitBiz Website checklist for everything you need to build an awesome website for your fitness or wellness studio.

If you need some help getting your DIY’d Squarespace website up to speed with scheduling widgets and SEO, my Boost design package may be the perfect choice.

Got a Squarespace website you’d like to show off? Post a link to it in the comments and let us know what template you’re using!