5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Designer for Your Fitness or Yoga Studio


You're ready for the new website—it's time to go online with your class scheduling, make it easy for your clients to book with you on the go, or maybe you're just ready to have your online space look as good as your in-person one.

Now...who to hire to design and build the thing?!

Here's 5 questions you should be asking to find the best designer-match for your fitness or yoga studio business:

1. Can this person represent me well?

Designers have different styles in the work they create. You’ll want to take a good look at their online portfolio and make sure you like what you see. In addition to seeing if your vision is a match with their style be sure to browse testimonials to get a peek into their workflow and communication style as well.

2. Does this person have a branding or general graphic design background?

There are a lot of different skillset combos out there, not all web designers also do logos or print design. Not all graphic designers also do websites. If you know you’ll need a logo or logo redesign or anticipate needing flyers or posters in the future look for a designer who can do all that for you. It’ll keep your brand looking cohesive and will streamline your design needs for the future of your business.

3. How much maintenance will be required post-launch?

Some website platforms need you to be on top of updating software–regularly. Get behind and you may find yourself open to security holes and things breaking. Find out what regular maintenance will need to be done on your new site, and if the designer offers those additional services. This is one of the best things about having your site on the Squarspace platform. For more on why I recommend Squarespace to studio owners, take a look at this post. 

4. How much training is provided with your website design package?

A website is never really done...you’ll grow programs, change staff, host events and you’ll won't want to be tied to a developer to have those changes made. You’ll need someone on your staff that knows how to do things with your studio’s website. Choose a designer that understands this and is willing to provide resources for training your team.

5. Does the new design integrate with your existing studio management software?

Whether you use MINDBODY, Tula, WellnessLiving or another scheduling software, you’ll want to make sure your website seamlessly integrates with your studio operations. This will allow you to make a class or pricing change in one spot and have that automatically update your website. Always up-to-date while saving you time? Win-win!

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