Generator Athlete Lab

Generator Athlete Lab is a 1-stop shop for athletic training, recovery and treatment located in the historic City of Austin Power Plant building in downtown Austin, TX. Prior to their grand opening, Dr. Jessica Tranchina, the Lab’s founder already had a Squarespace website but needed help getting her MINDBODY scheduling system cleanly integrated on it.

We added new pages to improve the scheduling flow and integrated MINDBODY widgets and purchase links so that their clients can schedule appointments and classes without ever leaving their website. 

After their initial Boost package, I worked with Generator Athlete Lab again as their grand opening approached to add more services, packages and instructor profiles to the website.

I was stuck and didn’t know where to go. And you came in and saved the day. Now our website looks and flows so well with our MINDBODY account and I can move on to all the other things I need to do before our grand opening.
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home page:

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