How to Set-up your Squarespace Website to Take Event Registrations


Got some springtime events planned and need to set-up your Squarespace website to take registrations? You're in the right place!

Things get busy this time of festivals, workshops, fun runs...everyone wants to be out enjoying the crisp, cool air and feeling fit! If you're stepping into the event planner role this season, your Squarespace website can help you promote, process payments and collect registration information so you can make this thing an organized reality.

In this video, you'll learn how to enable your Squarespace website to process payments (with Stripe and/or Paypal) and set-up your product shop to sell event registrations:

Pretty easy, right?

The best part is these capabilities are built right into your regular Squarespace website and you can have your event registration up and running in under an hour.

Working on a bigger festival or event and need a full sales page or event branding? I can help you with that. Check out my design services.

Got an event to share? Tell me about it in the comments!