How To Create Effective Landing Pages For Your Studio Website

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Even if you’ve never heard the term ‘landing page’ before, you’ve almost certainly visited one. Usually not seen in the main navigation, a landing page is a standalone page on a website with a singular, desired action. If you’ve ever clicked through to a special offer or promotion from a business via social media, chances are, you were on a landing page. Also known as a sales page, these have a simple purpose: to eliminate distractions and prompt potential customers to take action.

A simple, effective landing page allows you to cut through the noise and sell to your audience without anything else diluting your message. Think about it. If you’re on a website and there’s a bunch of fun, shiny elements like an Instagram slider, blog section and about me page, you’re less likely to notice a special offer or take action on it. Research shows that the average person is distracted every 40 seconds when browsing the internet. So when it comes to converting traffic to sales, you really need to captivate their attention straight away and keep it.

Why you need a landing page for your fitness studio website

Landing pages are an indispensable tool for studio owners. They can be used to sell new student offers, seasonal promotions, or encourage event registrations. Not only are landing pages an effective sales tactic, but they mean you can add focused, temporary offers to your website without having to redesign your home page every month. As they’re not in your website navigation, you don’t even need to delete them — you can just stop promoting them when the offer is no longer active. If you’re running Facebook ads, or other paid advertising you should definitely be using a landing page. You’ll get a lower cost per new client acquisition using one because the user is more likely to actually follow through.

How to create effective landing pages

To make sure your landing page packs a serious punch, it’s best to keep it as simple and uncluttered as possible. That said, unfortunately you can’t just write ‘buy this thing!’ and call it a day. The copy, images and videos (if you have any), navigation and call-to-action must all work together to create maximum impact in minimal space. Read on for some tips for creating effective landing pages

  • The optimal length of your landing page depends on the type of offer. Free offers should be direct and short, while paid offers need to a bit longer and more detailed as there’s more of a commitment — so your audience really needs to understand how this purchase is going to change their life.

  • Whether it’s a button or form, keep your action item above the fold (aka. where the page breaks) You’re going to want to check this on mobile too — it generally needs to be at the top left of the screen.

  • Videos are an excellent way to show the benefits of the offer in a short amount of time, but don’t assume everyone will watch it. The text on the page needs to work by itself, too.

  • Consider adding up to 3 client testimonials that directly relate to the offer presented on the page. However, don’t overload the page with text — you can just pull out the best quotes from the testimonials

  • Remove header, footer and sidebars if possible, to avoid unnecessary distractions

Landing page examples for fitness studios

Here is an example of a short but sweet landing page for a clear, low-commitment offer linked to from the studio’s social media accounts:

tbp screenshot.png

And here’s a longer, more detailed one used for facebook ads to new audiences not necessarily familiar with the business yet:

stamyo screenshot.png

You can see how the amount of content varies depending on the audience and purpose of the page. This is something to test out as well!

Ready to make a landing page for your studio? In this video I’ll walk you through how to make a “coming soon” landing page for a pilates studio, using Squarespace:

Landing pages are behind-the-scenes powerhouses that can really take your digital marketing effects to the next level. They’re a simple and cost-effective way to ensure potential customers get all the information they want and need to take action. Key landing pages are always included in my design services. To learn more about how I can help you create an effective website, book a consultation today.

- Connie