How to Build a Website for your Studio (MINDBODY Guide)

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If you’re a client of mine, have spent some time on my website or have even just spoken to me for more than 10 minutes, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of MINDBODY. I recommend it to anyone with a class-based wellness or fitness business. Why? Because it streamlines your business and marketing processes, makes it easy for clients to book classes and integrates seamlessly with Squarespace (another favourite of mine!) What’s not to love?!

Not only am I the unofficial cheer-woman for this excellent software, but I’m actually a Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant.  So, I was pleased to hear the warm feelings were mutual, when MINDBODY reached out to me to contribute some guest posts for them. They’re packed with useful information (if I do say so myself!) about what makes a fitness studio website great, and the essentials you need to create one of your own.

The first piece is a guest blog post on 4 Must-See Fitness Websites.
Here, I’ve rounded up four examples of effective fitness websites. These tick all the right boxes: they encapsulate the brand, create a smooth customer journey and make it easy for customers to book classes. If you’ve worked with me before, you may even spot your own website on there!

You can check it out here

My second collaboration is the MINDBODY Guide To Creating A Website For Your Business. This is a comprehensive checklist of everything you need to create a professional website that converts casual browsers into clients. It covers everything from your initial website set-up (including domain, hosting and security) visual branding, written copy, navigation, booking integration and much more!  

You can download your free copy here.

If you need help putting any of the points in these posts into action or would like to chat about how you could integrate MINDBODY into your own business, book a call with me today. And if you’d like more educational articles like these ones delivered straight to your inbox, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here.

- Connie