3 Ways to Use Video on Your Fitness or Yoga Studio Website


Who's ready for school to start? I know I am!

I actually love this time of year when schedules get back on track, menu-planning begins again (all done with hot dog and hamburgers for a while, thank-you-very-much!) and I start actually making it to my favorite gym classes once again. August is much like January in my book; a time for new projects, plans and goals.  

If your new (school) year goals include making some upgrades to your business website, consider adding a video. Video is a great way to show the atmosphere of your studio online. Try any of these 3 different ways to use video on your website:


1. Video Backgrounds

Although this was always possible with some coding, if you're using Squarespace, this week they announced that they've now made adding video backgrounds super easy!  Here are a couple examples of background videos for inspiration:

2. The 'About Us' Video

Commonly seen on either the home page or about page, the About Video gives a visual tour of your studio and is often combined with interview footage. Videos like this can powerfully tell your story and communicate your passion.

3. The Static Reel Video

Created from still photographs, this is a good, easy option and a way to maximize your investment in professional photos. You can hire a video editor to add text captions, graphic elements and a soundtrack that can communicate a lot about the ambiance of your classes.


The #1 Rule for Website Videos

The one thing to notice about all those examples is none of them auto-play audio with the videos. That's KEY to not irritating your website visitors who might not want the rest of the room checking out their fitness plans. :)

The Google / YouTube / Video connection

Another not-so-obvious benefit to having a video for your business is that Google owns YouTube. That's partly why you may notice YouTube videos frequently showing up in search results. Having a business video hosted on YouTube can only strengthen your credibility (and therefore ranking) in Google's eyes.

Video Resources

For everything you ever wanted to know about shooting a video for your business, check out Emmy Wu's VLOG (that's a Video-Blog!). She also has an editing service where she'll walk you through the process of shooting and will sync up audio, soundtracks, voiceovers and graphic elements leaving you will a totally pro video for your site. (I've worked with her personally. She made a cool video intro for pixality...which will debut soon on a blog near you!)

Do you have a video on your website? I'd love to see it! Comment below and let me know where I can find it!