easy-to-manage websites for fitness, wellness and yoga studios

Does your yoga business show up?

You’ve got a website…it looks great, works well and communicates your services clearly. Awesome!  

Now what?

Are enough clients finding you online? Can they find your business on their map app or in their search results? Where do you rank on Google or other search engines?

If you’re a definite NO or you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Finding new students online can be confusing and frustrating. Most SEO advice available is long, complicated and not tailored to locally-based business owners like you.  

You don’t need an ultimate guide to everything-SEO. You need easy, actionable steps to get Google and other search engines sending new students your way.

Enter… SEO My Yoga, a Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization course created especially for yoga studio owners and independent teachers. SEO My Yoga covers what you need to know to improve your visibility online and bring more students to your business. It’s a get-it-done, easy-to-implement action plan to get your business on the map.

Connie is an exceptional Squarespace and graphic designer, but what makes her skill special is her focus toward the yoga community. I’ve watched her interact with yogis of all ages and levels of technical know-how, and she creates magic for everyone.
— Justin Michael Williams | Yoga Business Coach—Business of Yoga Co-founder

Course Overview

SEO My Yoga includes 7 modules that cover everything from SEO basics to choosing the right keywords for your audience. Each module consists of a video lesson and a worksheet or checklist so you can implement what you learned for your own business right away. I've even added in some bonus material on topics such as blogging for SEO and getting online reviews.


Hi there! I'm Connie.

I’m a Website and Brand Identity Designer and the founder of Pixality Design. I help small, locally grown wellness and yoga businesses make a name for themselves online.

I design mobile-friendly, search engine optimized Squarespace websites that are easy to update and give your customers an amazing experience with your brand—both online and in the studio.

I’m also a designer for Live Happy Magazine and the website designer for Yoga Journal’s Yoga Business Bootcamp events. 

Having helped launch 75+ websites for yoga business owners, I've seen and heard the struggles that come when no one seems to be finding that carefully crafted website. 

SEO can help bring traffic to your business–both to your website and to your brick and mortar location directly; but it doesn't just happen automatically, and the steps you need to take are not always obvious. That's why I made SEO My Yoga.


Here’s the breakdown

Module 1: The Big Picture Overview

  • The Search Engine Results Page explained

  • Local results

  • Organic results

  • The philosophy of “good SEO”

Module 2: Breaking into the Local Pack

  • The what, where and why of local profiles

  • How to: Google My Business

  • How to: Bing

  • How to: Yahoo

  • How to: Apple Maps

  • How to: Yelp

Module 3: Choosing the Right Keywords

  • Types of keywords to target

  • Business citations

  • How to validate and choose the right keywords

Module 4: Updating Your Website SEO settings

  • Site-wide settings

  • Page-specific settings

  • How-to: Squarespace tutorial

  • How-to: Wordpress tutorial

Module 5: Designing a website that Google (and your clients!) like

  • Real people use google

  • Mobile responsiveness

  • SSL

  • Pop-ups

Module 6: Relationships Matter

  • Backlink basics

  • Real relationships

  • Researching for an outreach plan

Module 7: Course Wrap-up

  • Finishing items

  • Never do this...

  • When to hire a professional


  • Blogging for SEO

  • Is it Working? (analytics & adjusting your SEO strategy)

  • Getting Reviews

SEO My Yoga is what you need to know about SEO for your yoga business.

After completing this course, you’ll understand the difference between organic and local SEO results, how to apply good SEO techniques for your business, and how to avoid the common mistakes that other business owners make online.

People are out there searching for the services you provide—right now.
SEO is the bridge to welcome people to your website, your business and your practice.

Once you click the buy now button, you’ll receive instant access to the full course so you can work through the content at your own pace. Hit it hard one weekend or spread it out over a couple months—whatever works best for you!


SEO tactics change a lot, right? Will this course be outdated in a year?

The approach to SEO taught in this course isn’t based on trendy loopholes or tricks, but instead uses solid principles and philosophy from Google’s own documentation, so it’s unlikely to change dramatically. However, because the world of SEO does evolve, so will this course. You’ll have lifetime access, to include all updated material in the future.

I’m not techie AT ALL. Will I get lost?

Absolutely not. This course does not require technical knowledge outside of being able to log-in to the backend of your website and follow directions. I’ll be taking you step-by-step through how to do everything. No coding required.

Didn't my web designer do all this?

Your web designer can only do so much. SEO is part technical, part content and part relationships. The latter 2 fall heavily on the business owner and should be on-going. SEO isn’t a one-and-done kind of task! Even if you do outsource SEO I think it’s a good idea for you—the business owner to know what you're paying for. You’ll be able to talk the talk, have a better idea of what’s realistic and—most importantly—will know what SEO strategies are worth focusing on.

How fast will I see results?

That depends on your business niche, amount of competition in your area and what you’ve already done for SEO. In general, for a brand new business, you will see some tasks—like claiming your local profiles—gain you immediate visibility, and other areas, like your organic ranking will take much more time to build up authority. This course hits both the short-term wins and the long-game plan.

My business isn’t a yoga business. Can I take this course?

This course was designed for businesses that sell services in their local community. Although my examples are all from the yoga industry, the course content would be equally beneficial for salons, spas, restaurants, medical offices, boutiques, fitness trainers, massage therapists and more. This course is not for you if you sell products or virtual services to a wide geographic area—for example a clothing line that ships nationwide. Lessons are focused in gaining search authority for a local audience.


As a studio owner, I’m always looking to improve my skills on the business-end of my job. This online course lets me learn new things about managing and increasing my visibility in the crowded world of the Internet.

Connie is relatable. The course is suitable for a beginner in SEO and Connie makes it easy, showing you step-by-step how to use SEO to your best advantage.

This is well worth your time and you’ll see rewards as you learn. For all of us who may be a bit squeamish when it comes to the idea of “marketing” and “promotion,” this class teaches you how to get comfortable online and create your own presence, helping you stand out in the crowd.
— Pat Perrier | Just Breathe Yoga Studio, Crest Hill, IL
I found Connie through the Business of Yoga Bootcamp and thank goodness I did. She is an amazing asset to the group of teachers! The course focused on using your website as the primary vehicle to grow your business and Connie was KEY to actually making it happen. Her course on SEO proves that she really understands what the yoga business owner needs. She teaches to the level of understanding. She clearly explains terms and walks you through each process. AND she doesn’t use tech jargon, which always leaves me confused. As I grow my online business, I plan to use her talents again and again!
— Stephanie Carter Kelley, PhD | Yoga Physical Therapist, Columbus, OH

It’s one thing to have a website, it’s another to have it become truly helpful for your business.

Don’t let your website hide in a corner of the internet.
Are you ready to put your yoga business on the map?