SEO Audit + Action Kit

Are you frantically trying to figure out how to get your new website to show up in Google searches?

If so, you're not alone.

Connie took my yoga studio from page fifty to the first page of a Google search! Her approach was thorough, successful, and helped me understand how to help people in need of the services my business offers find me.
— Bernadette Birney | Stamford Yoga Studio

For most local businesses, simply having a website is not enough to get found online. Google and the other search engines need you to help them find you. They look for signals that your website, location and services are a good match for people in your area. The process of putting those signals in place is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. 

So let's help Google out a little, shall we?

The Pixality SEO Audit + Action Kit is a done-with-you SEO service that gives you the tailored information you need to get your business ranking in both local and organic search results. It’ll save you time sifting through hundreds of lengthy, one-size-fits-all blog posts (hint: SEO for your service-based wellness business is not the same as it is for a retail clothing brand!) and it’ll save you money because you’ll know the most important things to focus on, whether you implement yourself or ultimately hire it out.

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase your SEO Audit + Action Kit via the button below

  2. Fill out a short intake form so I can learn about your business location, services and search goals

  3. I'll dive deep into your website, link profile and local listings to spot missed opportunities in the eyes of search engines.

  4. Within 2 weeks you’ll receive a detailed report and instructional video that will give you personalized action steps you can implement immediately.

  5. Watch your custom video, read your (plain-english) report and go to work implementing the top tasks for your business.

  6. Celebrate because you saved time, money and frustration by taking charge of your own search engine signals!

Your custom kit includes:

  1. Technical Review of your website

  2. On-site optimization review of your website

  3. Report of your current ranking keywords and list of new keywords to consider targeting

  4. Audit of local profiles

  5. Backlink Analysis of your website and up to 3 of your competitors

  6. Action Checklist of your top 3 recommended tasks

  7. Explainer video to help you understand and implement your Action Checklist

  8. A guide to setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console (so you can track your businesses ascent in the rankings)

  9. Plain language glossary of common SEO terms

  10. Email support for 1 week to clarify any questions you have from your kit


"If you build it, they will come" only works in the movies.

Your SEO Audit + Action Kit is your key to getting your wellness business on the search engine map, for good.

SEO Audit + Action Kit
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I know nothing about SEO, am I really going to be able to implement what I need to on my own?

Most SEO tasks do not require extensive or technical knowledge outside of being able to login to the backend of your website and follow directions. However, my recommendations for you will be based on the lowest effort / highest gain tasks that apply to your business.  That could mean some technical changes need to be made to your website. If that’s the case I’ll refer you to someone who can help with that.

If I need to make changes to my website, can you show me how?

If you have a Squarespace website, yes—I’ll include specific instructions in your video. If your website is on another platform, I’ll show you what needs to be changed but you’ll need to figure out where to go on your specific website to make the changes.

I want to get found outside my local area for a topic, can you help with that?

No. my SEO services are designed for businesses that sell services in their local community. There’s a lot more to SEO when you’re looking for a national or global audience. Shoot me an email though and I’ll refer you to SEO consultants that do work with all kinds of businesses.

Can I just hire you to do this all for me?

All SEO services start with an SEO Audit + Action Kit, so you’re in the right place even if you want to hire me to implement your action list for you! Depending on what we find in the audit and what website platform you use, I may be able to work with you on the implementation. If it turns out you’d be better served by an SEO copywriter or Wordpress developer I’ll be sure to recommend the right service provider for the job.

Do you do keyword research for me?

Yes! Based on your input I create a list of service + location keywords you’d like to get found for and compare that to what you’re already ranking for, the search volume, competition, and whether those keywords are likely to convert to paying customers. Your audit report includes a list of these prioritized keywords that you can use to update your website signals.

How fast will I see results?

That depends on your business niche, amount of competition in your area and what you’ve already done for SEO. In general, for a brand new business, you will see some tasks—like claiming your local profiles—gain you immediate visibility, and other areas, like your organic ranking will take much more time to build up authority.

SEO Audit + Action Kit
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