How to create a wellness quiz for your website (and get more leads for your fitness or yoga business)


“Competition is tough! How can I make my business stand-out?”

In the world of online marketing, that is THE KEY question. You can get all the traffic in the world to visit your website, but if people don't connect with what you're doing, it doesn't matter. The more crowded your market, the more people need a really good reason to engage with your brand. So...other than a clear first step and an enticing intro offer what else can we do?

(wait, whaat…? I lost you there, Connie)

Outside perspective give us insight into ourselves.

Let me explain...

People LOVE finding out something about themselves—when it's positive, encouraging and helpful that is! It's hard to resist unlocking wisdom that is personalized to our struggles, desires, motivations, or daily routine. You know what I mean if you've ever spent time taking a "What spirit animal are you?" quiz 😉 (turtle here FYI)

As a small business owner, quizzes can offer expertise, advice and most importantly open up a "conversation" with those interested in your services. They can give a lot of value to your prospects, while also introducing them further to your services and brand. And, they can also be fun!

How can a quiz help my fitness or wellness business?

As a business owner, creating a quiz for your clients and prospects to engage with can:

  • Give them a taste of your services and showcase your expertise

  • Give them a clear next step to becoming a client by suggessting your intro offer to a now-interested audience

  • Give you insight into the type of people who are finding you online

  • Give you another avenue to communicate with them if they chose to enter their email

Topic ideas for your fitness or wellness quiz:

The possibilities are endless! Keep in mind that personality-style quizes are the most popular but you can also do a numerically scored quiz. Here are some ideas for fitness studios, wellness professionals and health coaches:

  • What class should I take? (for a fitness studio offering a variety of classes)

  • What’s my optimal time of day for a workout?

  • Get your custom workout plan (personalized fitness routine based on goals discovered in the quiz)

  • What kind of yogi are you?

  • What’s your fitness IQ?

  • Are you hydrated? Take the quiz and find out how much water you really should be drinking today

  • How mindful are you?

8 steps to creating an impactful quiz:

  1. Start with your services. A quiz is pointless unless it ultimately connects prospects with something you’re selling. Make sure the topics are related!

  2. Create your quiz outcomes. Spend some time crafting the different results. This is your opportunity to show your expertise and give some really valuable insight. 4 unique outcomes is a good number to aim for.

  3. Write the quiz questions. The quiz building software I use, Interact recommends 6-12 questions. More than 12 and people get bored and don’t finish.

  4. Find photos. Build your quiz with a good amount of photos. This makes it inviting and easy to take. Find my recommendations for stock photo sites here.

  5. Build it out. I love Interact for it’s intuitive interface and how easy it is to embed on your website.

  6. Connect to your email newsletter service provider. Optional, but a good idea if email marketing is part of your business. Interact also has GDPR-compliant form options.

  7. Embed it on your website. If you’re using Interact, you can add your new quiz to your website as a pop-up, embeded on it’s own page, as an annoucement bar and more. Lots of options here.

  8. Promote it! Once connected and live, share it on social media, and consider trying facebook ads to drive traffic directly to it. (especially if the quiz outcomes lead directly to your intro offer!

Lauren’s quiz: What’s your wellness style?

In this video I’ll walk you through an example from yoga and fitness pro Lauren Beth Jacobs. You’ll see how her 5-question quiz gives prospects insight to their own healthy habits and flows them to a free consult call to take the next step in their wellness journey with her.


Curious what your wellness style is? You can take Lauren’s quiz here!

Other quiz-building resources:

Your website can do so much more than take class sign-ups. If you're ready to make your website a key team member for your business, let’s chat!


p.s. this post contains affiliate links. I only recommend things that I use (and love) myself.