My Organizing & To-Do List Picks {+ FREE PRINTABLE}

Happy New Year!

If you're like me, Jan 1st hits and you're instantly in the mood to organize your life after the chaos of the holidays. I'm a to-do list person and I know I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life when I have things written down. There's science to back that up too. When you clear out all the thoughts moving around in your brain, you're mental health improves and you can think more clearly. Even if you don't ever actually finish that to-do list, the act of making it is benefit in itself!

Digital Organizing

If you're looking to organize your to-do list in a digital way, check out the todoist app. I've used this app for about a year now and I love it! It's free, simple to use and syncs between my phone and desktop computer. You can drag and drop tasks to whatever date you'd like to do them, prioritize with categories and colors and add due dates, or not. It's very flexible and it's simplicity is what makes it continue to work for me.

The other phone app I use all the time is called AnyList. AnyList is great for shopping and grocery lists. Our family grocery list syncs with my husbands phone and I never need to worry about stopping by the store for a quick few things and forgetting if we need milk or not.

Paper Planning

Even thought the majority of my life is cataloged on my phone or computer, sometimes it really helps to get ideas and plans down on paper. That is definitely the case this month as I'm working on launching my first course, so I made this handy weekly planner sheet to help myself get organized for the week ahead and I thought I'd share.  Print a fresh sheet out every week, or only when you're feeling especially overwhelmed and need to sort out an especially crazy week!

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I wish you a calm, collected and organized 2017!