How to put a MINDBODY Class Schedule on Your Squarespace Website (using Healcode) {VIDEO}

Make it easy for your customers...

edited 4/7/17: MINDBODY recently bought Healcode, so the healcode widgets discussed in this video are now available to all MINDBODY Pro accounts or higher. The term Healcode is slowly being replaced by the term Branded Web, but as of now, nothing else has changed in the way you add widgets to your website.

As you know, making time for personal fitness can sometimes be a challenge for your clients. Life gets busy...mail piles up, kids are in a lot of activities and often going to the gym falls off the priority list. If you run a studio that requires pre-class sign-ups, you can help your busy clients by making it as easy as possible to find, register and pay for their studio classes on your website. Healcode widgets by MINDBODY allow you to put your studio's class schedule right on your website so your clients will have a streamlined path to their MINDBODY account and your class list. If you're not familiar with Healcode, watch this intro video first, then head back here to see how it's done.

This 3 Min video will show you how to use Healcode widgets for MINDBODY to embed your class schedule on your Squarespace website.


This is the second video in a 3-part series on integrating MINDBODY with your website. You can see how to integrate MINDBODY without using Healcode here, and how to add MINDBODY BUY NOW buttons here.