How to Install New Fonts on Your Computer {VIDEO}


Having a specialty font or two installed on your computer can help you create promotional graphics for your studio that help customers quickly identify your studio in their newsfeed or inbox.

Using brand fonts is an easy, inexpensive way to create a unique brand look for your studio. In this video I'll show you 3 websites that I recommend for finding amazing fonts, as well as how to download and install them on your computer. (I use a mac for the demo, but a PC is similar.)

Watch Now: Using New Fonts For Your Fitness Business Marketing


Links from the video:

Now that you have some new fonts to use, watch this video on choosing images to use for your promotions and also this video on how to put it all together to make branded graphics.

Choosing fonts can be hard! There's a lot of subtleties in font styles that can say a lot about your business. Need some font feedback or suggestions for your business? Share which fonts you're considering in the comments below.

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