Duplicating Events + Posts in Squarespace - New Feature!


The "Duplicate" Button will speed up your website workflow

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The Calendar

The Squarespace calendar block is a really great way to display your upcoming events. You can add photos, times, locations and even a link to a map. All your events are organized in a handy calendar view for your customers and they can hover and click around to find the details they need.

Although beautifully designed, the problem I've seen with client websites in the past has been the upkeep. In order to add a new event you'd literally have to create a brand new event and upload all that info again, even if only one thing (like the date) was changing. That resulted in neglected, empty calendars online even though (and especially if!) the business was as busy as ever.

The blog

Same goes for blog posts. Until recently, if you had a great post template built out—with images, video, sign-up form and various formatted headlines—for example, and you wanted to use that same format again for another post, your only option was to manually create the layout from a blank page. 

Not very efficient...so for years Squarespace users have been asking for a better, quicker way to keep up with adding events and posts to our websites. We asked and Squarespace delivered. You'll now find a DUPLICATE button at the bottom of each blog post or events page down near the bottom. With a click of a button and a few quick modifications you can have that new event or post live in a fraction of the time it used to take.

This 4 min video will show you the new workflow, along with a few pointers for making sure your duplicated content has it's own unique settings:



It's worth noting that you still can't create re-curring events. So, if you teach a class every Tuesday night you'll need to create the event once and duplicate it 51 times for it to show on your calendar for the full year. You also still can't import info from an external personal calendar (like Google). You can EMBED a Google calendar on your website...but that's a whole different topic (spoiler: it doesn't look nearly as good as the built-in Squarespace calendar)

Anyway, if you haven't noticed the DUPLICATE button before now, I think you'll really like how it makes events and posts much easier to build. Good luck!

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