Adding 360 Degree Images to Your Website


Show your website visitors what your space is really like

How to use promotional pop-ups on your yoga or fitness website

Have you seen those interactive images on Facebook? ...where you can pan around a whole room or landscape just by dragging your mouse? Or, and even cooler—if you're on your phone, all you need to do is move or tilt your hand to make the image move... 

Magic right?

So, what's really going on there?

Those images are static, panoramic photographs, taken from a single position while the photographer slowly spun around. The files are .jpgs (although there's the option for video if you want to get real fancy!)  and you can shoot them on your phone or have them professionally done.

The real magic happens when they're displayed with interactive capabilities. 

How to get the photo

You can totally experiment with taking panoramic photos yourself, however a professional photographer may be able to get better results (I tried a few on my iphone and they can be tough to finesse!)

To give it a shot, you can use the regular pano mode on your phone or an app like one of these to capture the photo. 

Example of a professional photo:
(click and drag your mouse to see the lobby of Chill Meditation and Massage Lounge in Chicago


How to make it interactive

Thanks to Facebook—who started supporting 360 degree images last year, sharing your images on social media has recently become a whole lot easier. But what about your website?


In this video I'll show you the tool I used to make a static panoramic photo interactive on Chill Chicago's Squarespace website :


As I mentioned in the video, Vizor makes things easy and this method works for any website platform as long as you are able to insert code snippets into the layout.

So, go play around with your own 360 degree images, and see if there's a good spot on your website where they could help tell the story of your business and location.


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