easy-to-manage websites and done-with-you online marketing for fitness, wellness and yoga studios

The right offer to the right people
at the right time

Ick-free online marketing for MINDBODY-powered studios


You paid a lot of money—or sweat equity—to get your website up and running. It looks beautiful, works well and your Intro Offer is dialed in. (high fives all around!)

But a nice website is just part of the equation. To make that website actually work for your business, you need people—the right people— to visit it.

You may have heard of Search Engine Optimization, Facebook pixels, retargeting tactics and keyword research...but you just don’t know where to start, and you don't want to annoy people with aggressive marketing tactics you see other businesses using—after all, your studio exists to bring happiness and health into the world, not stress it out! 

Investing in digital advertising is right for you if:

  • You have a website that already integrates MINDBODY Branded Web for purchase checkouts

  • You have a strategic pricing structure and in-studio sales process that rewards commitment

  • You have a series of welcome emails in place to onboard and upsell new clients

Facebook Ad packages start at $1,200 + recommended minimum ad spend of $300/mo


Marketing testimonials

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I just have to say wow on your knowledge, detail and follow up. This is my best experience with an ad consultant in the 18 years of running my yoga studio! You are a breath of fresh air!

Lisa Bertke
Prana Yoga Center
Geneva, IL

justin michael williams.png

Connie’s implementation of Facebook Ads has made our company tens of thousands of dollars and expanded our audience beyond my wildest expectations. She handled everything from beginning to end — including complex sales funnels, tripwire products, email marketing, design, and content. She understands this process inside out and I’m so grateful I can trust her attention to detail to create the best and most robust campaigns possible.

Justin Michael Williams
The Business of Yoga, presented by Yoga Journal


Connie has a brilliant mind for Facebook ads, sales funnels, and how wellness entrepreneurs can utilize online marketing techniques to make more money in their offline businesses. Her clients can be confident that they’ve found someone with the chops to actually get results!

Claire Pelletreau
Facebook Ads Consultant & Educator

Facebook ads clearly had the potential to be a powerful tool, but the expense combined with the complications of the whole process seemed horrifying. When I decided it was finally time to invest in some support in this area I interviewed 10 different Facebook ads consultants and after my interview with Connie I knew there was no one else I could hire. She is an expert in my industry, super knowledge about Facebook ads and very professional and organized. She has made the whole process seamless and I feel totally confident to hand over my money and say, “do your thing”. Because of my work with Connie, my list has grown quickly and it is now full of people who are my ideal client that I am honored I get to serve.

Francesca Cervero
Francesca Cervero Yoga + Wellness



Connie took my yoga studio from page fifty to the top spot of a Google search for “yoga studio, Stamford, CT!” Her approach was thorough, successful, and helped me understand how to help people in need of the services my business offers find me.

Bernadette Birney
Stamford Yoga Center
Stamford, CT