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Strategy Questionnaire

To help me create a email strategy plan and content that matches your studio and brand voice please fill out the questions below. The information you give me here will be integrated into your first draft of automated email content. You'll have a chance to edit and change everything—this is just getting a baseline in place.

(you can submit the form as many times as you'd like so feel free to work on this over time...just be sure to hit the submit button after each session.

Your Name *
Your Name
(ie. 30 days for $39... intro offers are often 50% off the price of a monthly membership)
(if you don't have a membership, what's the highest-commitment package you offer?)
(this is typically 20-30% off the regular membership price and gives incentive to commit to an autopay right away)
This is known as a "winback" incentive and may be offered at several times over the course of a year to try to encourage clients to give it another go!
(this is also a great way to get someone new into the studio, invited by someone who loves what you offer!)
(example: show the email when you and your friend arrive for class / email the studio to sign your friend up etc.)
(ie. Happy Birthday retail discount, free water bottle at 6 months with studio etc.)