easy-to-manage websites for fitness, wellness and yoga studios
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An easy-to-implement DIY Search Engine Optimization training for fitness and wellness studios

— Coming Spring 2018 —

Connie took my yoga studio from page fifty to the top spot of a Google search for “yoga studio, Stamford, CT!” Her approach was thorough, successful, and helped me understand how to help people in need of the services my business offers find me.

You’ve got a website…it looks great, works well and communicates your services clearly. Awesome!  

Now what?

Are enough clients finding you online? Can they find your business on their map app or in their search results? Where do you rank on Google or other search engines for search terms that lead directly to your classes and services?

If you’re a definite NO or you’re not sure, you’re not alone. Finding new clients online can be confusing and frustrating. You know that Search Engine Optimization can help but you aren't sure where to start. Besides, most SEO advice available is long, complicated and not tailored to locally-based business owners like you.

You don’t need an ultimate guide to everything-SEO. You need something tailored to local businesses—easy, actionable steps to get Google and other search engines sending new clients your way.

Enter… FitSEO, the SEO course created especially for owners of boutique fitness studios, salons, spas and other brick and mortar wellness businesses. In easy actionable steps, FitSEO covers what you need to do to improve your visibility online and bring more clients to your business. It’s a get-it-done, easy-to-implement action plan to get your business on the digital map.

People are out there searching for the services you provide—right now.
SEO is the bridge to welcome people to your website, your business and your services.

Not quite sure what Search Engine Optimization is all about? Check out this blog post to get the basics.