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You’ve got a beautiful space, a talented team and top-notch skills.

Your business rocks, and your clients love what you offer. The problem is...there just aren’t enough of them!

You’ve heard that Facebook ads have potential, but the few boosted posts you’ve tried haven't done much to bring new people through your front door.

Don’t throw in the towel yet!

Facebook ads can feel intimidating but they can also be an extremely effective and affordable way to bring high-value leads into your local business. Let’s work together to create an intentional system—one that nurtures your leads all the way from first ad click to first class—so you can see how Facebook ads can fill your studio.

In just 2 months you’ll know more about your potential customers, how to find them on Facebook and how to best turn them into paying clients.


Your business could be getting a steady stream of new clients each week.

Book your FREE no commitment consultation today and let’s talk about Facebook advertising and your business.

Prior to working with Connie I’d experimented unsuccessfully with Facebook ads on my own, and it was so intimidating. Working with Connie turned my experience around. She not only provided a solid strategy for generating more business, she walked me through the process so that I actually understood what she was doing. Connie is one of the secret weapons behind the success of my business.
— Bernadette Birney | Stamford Yoga Center
Connie has a brilliant mind for Facebook ads, sales funnels, and how wellness entrepreneurs can utilize online marketing techniques to make more money in their offline businesses. Her clients can be confident that they’ve found someone with the chops to actually get results!
— Claire Pelletreau | Facebook Ad Consultant
Since the very first time I was introduced to Connie I felt at ease. Her skill, knowledge, experience and creativity are only second to her patience and persistence. She became a vibrant, trusted and important part of our team from the get go!!
— Paulette Gloria Harwood | Science and Soul Wellness Center