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yoga and pilates website design | Jen Wende

Jen Wende is a Montreal-based yoga, pilates and thai massage instructor with big plans to move her in-person coaching on-line to be able to serve more people.  Jen is inspired by the ocean, and the concept of fluidity was important to her business vision.  We created a double exposure image for her website, a fluid script logo and an abstract butterfly icon to hit on the key elements of her personal branding.  With a selection of core branded elements and her easy-to-use Squarespace website, Jen is ready to take her personal brand to new heights.

“I just simply enjoyed every moment of this process. I felt like I was in excellent hands while working with you and the results are beyond my expectations. You took my branding to a place I only dreamed of, and the Squarespace platform makes it easy for me to work with, so I’m not intimidated by my own site. Thank you again, I am thrilled with the results!”
— Jen Wende |
pilates website design | Jen Wende—yoga, pilates and health coach